0 to 5A Measurement, Size: 96 X 96mm [AM-I-3]

Pointer Knife Edge Pointer
Pointer Deflection0 to 90 degree
Scale CharacteristicsNon Linear Scale, Scale Interchangeability
Measuring Current Range
0 to 5A (CT Secondary) / Suppress Scale : 0 to 5 /30A (CT Secondary)
Over Range6 Times Nominal Current (For Suppress Scale)
AccuracyClass 1.5
CertificationCE, RoHS

Product CodeProduct SizeCT RatioSuppress scaleCertificationPriceAction
AM-I-3-30/5A96 X 96mm30/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-50/5A96 X 96mm50/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-75/5A96 X 96mm75/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-100/5A96 X 96mm100/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-150/5A96 X 96mm150/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-200/5A96 X 96mm200/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-250/5A96 X 96mm250/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-300/5A96 X 96mm300/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-400/5A96 X 96mm400/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-500/5A96 X 96mm500/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-600/5A96 X 96mm600/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-800/5A96 X 96mm800/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-1000/5A96 X 96mm1000/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-1200/5A96 X 96mm1200/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-1250/5A96 X 96mm1250/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-1500/5A96 X 96mm1500/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-1600/5A96 X 96mm1600/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-2000/5A96 X 96mm2000/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-2500/5A96 X 96mm2500/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-3000/5A96 X 96mm3000/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-4000/5A96 X 96mm4000/5A----$13.40
AM-I-3-30/5A-6S96 X 96mm30/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-50/5A-6S96 X 96mm50/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-75/5A-6S96 X 96mm75/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-100/5A-6S96 X 96mm100/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-150/5A-6S96 X 96mm150/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-200/5A-6S96 X 96mm200/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-250/5A-6S96 X 96mm250/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-300/5A-6S96 X 96mm300/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-400/5A-6S96 X 96mm400/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-500/5A-6S96 X 96mm500/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-600/5A-6S96 X 96mm600/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-800/5A-6S96 X 96mm800/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-1000/5A-6S96 X 96mm1000/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-1200/5A-6S96 X 96mm1200/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-1250/5A-6S96 X 96mm1250/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-1500/5A-6S96 X 96mm1500/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-1600/5A-6S96 X 96mm1600/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-2000/5A-6S96 X 96mm2000/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-2500/5A-6S96 X 96mm2500/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-3000/5A-6S96 X 96mm3000/5A6 times--$13.90
AM-I-3-4000/5A-6S96 X 96mm4000/5A6 times--$13.90

AM-I-3 Datasheet

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