1Ø, Size : 48 x 96mm [MV15]

Display Type 7 segment LED
Display Configuration 3 Digits
Electrical Connection 1Ø-2 wire
Accuracy ±0.5% of full scale over rated operating condition
Measuring Range 50 - 480V AC (516V max)
Supply Voltage 240V AC (±20%), 50/60 Hz , 110V AC (±20%), 60Hz
Size 48 x 96mm
Mounting Type Panel mount
Certification CE, RoHS & UL

Product CodeTypeMeasurement RangeAuxiliary Power SupplyCertificationPriceAction
MV15-110V-CULED AC Voltmeter50 to 480V110VAC ±20% 60Hz.CE, RoHS & UL$50.00
MV15-DC-200V-110V-CULED DC Voltmeter-199.9 to +199.9V110VAC ±10% 60Hz.CE, RoHS & UL$60.00

MV15 Datasheet

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