Analog Motor Protection Relay, Auxiliary 415V [MPR-3M-415V]

Measuring Parameter Single phase, Phase unbalance, Phase sequence, Overload trip current & Under Current
Electrical Connection 3Ø-3W
Display 3 LED Indication
Trip Setting Phase unbalance : 50% of motor current (Fixed) , T(sec ) setting : To select 2 sec,4 sec,6 sec,8 sec,10 sec trip time curve in overload trip curve graph, Under Current : 50% of Motor Current , X Imax : To select motor current rating
Time Ranges Single Phase trip : 5sec , Phase unbalace : 5sec , Phase sequence : 5sec , Overload trip : as per graph 1 , Under Current trip: 5 sec
Ct Setting 10/100mA , 40/100mA , 80/100mA
Accuracy Time : ±5% of full scale ± 100msec , Current : ±5% of Full Scale
Output Contact 2 C/O (DPDT )
Output Rating NC: 5A @ 240V AC , NO: 5A @ 240V AC
Operating Voltage Auxillary Supply : 415V AC ±15%
Size 52.5mm
Mounting Type DIN rail mount

Product CodeSupply VoltageCertificationPriceAction
MPR-3M-2-415V415V AC--$58.20

MPR-3M-415V Datasheet

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