600XU Datasheet

13 Functions, 10 Time Ranges [600XU]

Output Contact 1C/O (SPDT)
Range 0.1-1sec/min/hr, 0.3-3sec/min/hr, 1-10sec/min, 3-30 sec/min
Operating Modes ON Delay, Interval, Asymmetrical Cyclic OFF First, Asymmetrical Cyclic ON First, Repeat Cycle Equal OFF First, Repeat Cycle ON first, Pulse Output, Delay ON Make/ Delay ON Break, Interval ON break, Single Shot, Retriggerable Single Shot, Latching Relay, Delay ON Make With Totalise, Interval With Totalise
Accuracy Setting: ±5% of F.S., Repeat: ±0.5% (Full scale)
Supply Voltage 20 to 240V AC , 12 to 240V DC
Size 17.5 mm
Mounting Type DIN rail mount
Certification CE, UL

Product CodeSupply VoltageCertificationPriceAction
600XU-A-1-CU20 to 240V AC , 12 to 240V DCCE, UL$36.90

600XU Datasheet

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